Impeach Whitmer Petition

Whereas we have three branches of government and the governor has continued to work unilaterally and unconstitutionally through executive orders and her department heads,

Whereas we live in a Constitutional Republic and our legislators are meant to work together, write laws, and come up with a team-based approach representing our respective districts,

Whereas one person and her unelected bureaucrats have been inconsistently picking winners and losers and destroying small businesses in our communities,

I hereby add my name and assent in encouraging the Michigan legislature to impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer for abuse of power and a blatant disregard to the oath she took to uphold and defend the constitutions of Michigan and the United States of America.
By signing, I acknowledge my name will be added to a list of patriots to be presented to Michigan legislators encouraging them to impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
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