Fix the darn roads!

We do NOT need more taxes to fix the roads. We need to wisely spend the resources we currently have. When we continue to have short term thinking on repairs, it should come as no surprise that roads need to be replaced over and over again. Currently, companies place bids and are responsible for upkeep over a short period of time. When the contracts don’t reward long term thinking, it’s no wonder they fall apart shortly after the contract expires.


Companies should have a vested interest in the long term quality of the roads they maintain. A 30 year contract where the company bids on the project, has to meet certain standards, and is held accountable if they don’t meet the standards is a far healthier process than the current system.  Currently, the system continuously is focused on short term solutions creating a conflict of interest where construction companies benefit from reoccurring demand for more of their business once the roads fall apart again and again.

Competition and long term preventative care measures are both cost effective and produce better roads for our community.