Pro Gun Rights

Steve understands that criminals don’t obey laws and that law abiding civilians are champions of safety within our community.

The second amendment clearly states the right to keep and bears arms shall not be infringed. Steve believes any small step toward infringing on your rights is a slippery slope towards even worse gun grabbing policies. Whether it’s bump stocks, AR-15s, or your preferred choice of protection, Steve will defend and advocate for your right to keep and bear arms.

Red flag laws: Steve is opposed to red flag laws, and respects your right to due process. Your disgruntled neighbor shouldn’t be allowed to tie your hands behind your back in the court of law without concrete evidence that a crime such as brandishing has been committed.

Constitutional carry: Steve supports constitutional carry and doesn’t believe you should have to apply and pay for a permit to put a coat on when you are carrying. It’s your right to keep and bear arms, you shouldn’t need permission.