In his capacity as a legislative staff member for the representative who sponsored the pro-life heartbeat bill, Steve worked with eight highly qualified constitutional lawyers to draft and bring the bill to Michigan.

The bill simply states once a heartbeat is detected, the baby would be protected, making abortion illegal after about six weeks of pregnancy.

Steve has spoken numerous times around the state advocating on this issue. The more states that pass heartbeat bills, the greater the odds become that Roe v. Wade is sent to the scrapheap of history, getting us just inches away from the ultimate goal of protecting all life from the moment of conception.

The Supreme Court wants to see a compelling reason before they are willing to reverse a previous decision made by the high court. The heartbeat bill clearly shows how science proves their calculation of protecting “a woman’s right to choose” over the right of “potential human life” is deeply flawed because it’s not “potential human life” it IS human life, worthy of protection. 

Unborn babies have their own DNA, a beating heart, suck their thumbs for security, kick and dream. They are very much alive, very much human, and very much deserving of life. Steve is ready to stand up against lobbyists and the status quo to be the greatest advocate the unborn could ever ask for.